WP Glossary is built with – big surprise – WordPress. WP Super Cache is used to shorten load times, along with a couple of custom WordPress transients for the list of words. The site is hosted on Binero. Google Analytics is used to track visitor statistics, with the ”Anonymized IP” feature enabled. The Pro version of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is used to manage custom fields with meta data about the words. The site also uses a couple of security plugins for whitelisting IP addresses and limiting login attempts.

The WP Glossary theme is built from a very lightweight starter theme we use at Divide & Conquer – the digital agency I work at. The Barba.js library is used to create the smooth transitions between pages. A stack of system fonts is used to reduce load times. The site was designed with San Francisco, the macOS system font, in mind.

WP Glossary is designed in Sketch, coded in Visual Studio Code, and version controlled with GitHub.